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Before I begin allow me to say a few things. This is an original story written by me. It is a fan-fiction novel about how the penguins from The Penguins of Madagascar (all rights reserved to Dreamworks =D) came to be…at least in my eyes.
Disclaimer:  This story contains no sexual content; however it does have several descriptions of gore and includes various adult situations and minor language. (It's not that bad, you should read it either way! ^ ^)

                                Call of Penguins by Gammarobot

In retrospect, the battle had been going on ever since the two species where inconveniently created on the same continent. However, in the beginning, the battle was simply the circle of life; one species had to eat the other to survive. But now it had become something much worse. It had become an endless struggle for one to posses more power than the other. Raids and murder had been commonly committed for no better of a reason than to simply show that it could be done. Yes, the battle between penguins and seals had been one of epic proportions, but nothing could amount to what was soon to come.

Mid August Year 2015: Two days before declaration of the Frost War.

It had been a horrific night. The whole thing was pointless, why had they done it? A whole city of penguins had been burned to the ground by the seals. Hundreds of the penguins had been killed and plenty more had been badly burned. All items of value had been stolen and the scent of burning flesh still rung freshly through the air. Sure, some robbery and other antics had been committed by the penguins onto the seals, but this was mass murder; it's something completely different. The seals had gone too far this time.

Once news of this reached the government, the head penguin was infuriated. This was just madness. Something had to be done.

"Deploy team delta at night fall," the head penguin told the general of the military "If they burnt us, we shall bomb them. Maybe we can finally shut those damn seals up for good."

Even though he sounded so sure when he made the command, the head penguin knew what was coming. He had always feared the day when the seals would cross the line and his people would have no choice but to fight back. It was that or except genocide. A war was always been inevitable.

Team Delta consisted of no more than 25 penguins. They were professionals at their job, but even so, they weren't the best. The general gave team Delta his hastily thought out battle plan and he wasn't much confident of success. Even so, the night went well. Team Delta had managed to annihilate a large section of a seal village without any casualties.

24 hours later, war was declared. The seals had decided to avoid another attack onto the penguins that night, for they knew the penguins would be prepared for it. Instead, the seals prime minister proclaimed the declaration of war and he rallied up the troupes.

  Neither side of the battle took long to get ready. Both the penguins and the seals had been preparing for the war for years. Both sides had great armies and it seemed as if neither side could ever lose. Even though they were all prepared for battle almost immediately, the real war wasn't to start for a few weeks because battle plans and strategies had to be made and some soldiers were still at the start of their training.

2 weeks after declaration of the Frost War

"Alllright men! Get your lazy asses up and get ready! We have 2 months of training to do and almost no time to do so! We need to hustle to get you weaklings into shape!"

Private shivered as he heard the general's voice. He'd always been terrified of that man. Ever since Private got picked up off the streets by him, he knew his life was about to go downhill. Private was not military material, this training was ridiculous! And why did the head penguin choose now to declare war? As if the training wasn't all ready hard enough for the poor young penguin, now there was twice as much work to do.

Perhaps you might like to know a little on how this misfortunate little penguin came to be. Private was abandoned as an egg. Once he hatched he had nowhere to go. It's a miracle he'd survived at all. He lived off of close to nothing for about 12 years (penguin years of course) and as he was about to give up his constant fight for life, the general of the military came across him in the streets and sent him off to boot camp. Up until then Private didn't have a name. He never needed one because he never knew anyone who would care to know it, but after 2 weeks of being called 'Private' by countless military officers he decided to stick to that name. At first he had been thank full about the general saving him, but now he wished that he had just been left to die on the streets.

"Breakfast is in ten minutes, if your late you will NOT get any food, and trust me, you will NEED food today privates, so get mov-wait…what is that sound?" The room fell silent, but a faint whistling could be heard from off in the distance. The whistling was rapidly getting louder and lower and at the peak of the sound, with a heart stopping BOOM, one of the walls exploded open and several dozen seals rushed into the room. They tied the fins of as many penguins as they could together and shoved sacks on over their heads. Private was among these first prisoners of war. Private could not tell much of what happened after the sack was put over his head, but he could tell he was placed in the back of a truck and rushed off with the sound of gunshots fading away behind him. What was to come of him?

The general was furious. Why would the seals' first move in the war be to capture some helpless (and rather useless) privates? As tempting as it was, no real battles should be fought yet, it was too risky. The general currently had one goal. That goal was to find out what the seals' battle plans were. To do so he would need stealth. He would need skill. He would need the best he had. He would need Team Alpha.

                               CLIFF HANGER!!! XD
Hope you enjoyed it so far. Part two is coming soon and (hopefully) action will be also!
EDIT: THIS STORY IS COMPLETED!!!! You can find the other 9 parts of it in my gallery. ^-^ I thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

Here is part one of my story. I'm more than likely gonna continue it, but I dunno, what do you think?

This IS my first story so I'm completely open to suggestion, but I mostly have a plot line already set up in my head.
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HMemma548 Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a good chapter! Aw, poor Private.
Question, is the general Skipper?
Gammarobot Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Thanks =D, but no, the generals not Skipper, we'll meet him in the next chapter.
You found out how to submit it! :iconexcitedlaplz:
Gammarobot Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
=D yah, cheriestar helped me out.
I figured she would. Cherie's a pretty nice person. ^^
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